Risk Management


Risk management is a cyclical and ongoing series of defined activities intended to manage exposure.  We consider our risk management capabilities the best in the market and continue to invest in people, knowledge, process and execution, in order to maximize the value created for our partners.  We take pride in forming strategic partnerships that allow us to know and understand all the different aspects of our partners businesses, ensure coverage for all contingencies not consciously self-insured, and provide that coverage through the best insurance markets available.  Our main goal is to design a cost effective program that will minimize risk, allowing our partners to focus on growing their company and turning their visions into reality without the constant concern and impact of a claim to your bottom line.  Our success is demonstrated through effective results. 


Three Core Risk Management Services

Legal Assistance

A Proactive Risk Management Legal Assistance will attend to risks assumed and transferred through contracts, subcontracts, leases and other business agreements in order to assist you in mitigating these exposures.  Our commentary drills in on the insurance and indemnity sections of these contracts and offers practical advice.  In addition to other legal services, such as document drafting, Legal will also consult with your contracts administrator and upper level management staff to broaden their understanding of commercial insurance and contractual risk transfer.  The net effect is reduced legal expenses and higher awareness, which directly and positively impacts your bottom line.


Claims Management

The Claims Department assists partners, from beginning to end, through the process of reporting a loss, monitoring the claim, and achieving a satisfactory resolution. The correlation between claims and insurance premiums is definite. Let us advocate on your behalf to reduce your claims, and the savings will follow.


Loss Control

The Loss Control Department works collaboratively and onsite with your own safety department to identify possible perils and provide insight and tools to remediate these risks.  Our objective is to proactively manage exposures in order to favorably impact your total cost of risk.