Legal Assistance


Contract Review

Iron-Horse provides detailed reviews of our partner’s business contracts to help obtain compliance with insurance requirements and provides support in reducing risk by offering suggestions to the indemnity clauses and other risk assessments.  At our partner’s request, we can engage in contract negotiations pertaining to insurance and indemnity provisions on our partner’s behalf.


Document Control  

We assist partner’s in creating and revising legal documents prior to engaging their attorneys. This will provide a cost savings to our partner through lessened legal fees.


Employee Training

We can assist contract administration and risk management personnel to help raise awareness of vital commercial insurance, contract, and various risk management issues.


Certificate of Insurance Audits

Random sampling of Certificates of Insurance provided by clients’ subcontractors and vendors provides tangible metrics to our partner’s managerial level personnel to ensure that insurance protocols are being followed by subordinate employees.  This service is also vital to ensure that our partners are availing themselves of all coverages provided by subcontractors and vendors to minimize uninsured or self-insured risks.



A comprehensive risk management analysis identifying past performance deficiencies will be generated for all new partner’s to assist in meeting future objectives.  Reports feature aggregate data from Claims, Legal and Loss Control, as well as market forecasts of the insurance industry.


Cross-Over Services

Our Legal Assistance Group works with all other departments and divisions of Iron-Horse Services, with particular focus on assisting the Claims Department when coverages disputes arise, our Loss Control department in responding to contract related requests from carriers, and the Commercial Insurance Marketing department in the negotiation of suitable insurance policy language and endorsements.